Dr Amanda Coles, Department of Management, Deakin Business School, Deakin University, Victoria

“As one of Australia’s most notable experts on human resources and employment relations, Sonia Lindsay brings with her an unparalleled analysis of the interplay between institutional, organisational, social and interpersonal dynamics that shape the world of work and employment.

Sonia’s acute understanding of the power dynamics that inform workplaces enables her to conceptualise and deliver creative, empowering organisational strategies to address difficult HR/ER issues. Central to Sonia’s distinctive, progressive, approach to diversity in the workplace is a foregrounding of the social and cultural value of the workforce at all levels of an organisation. Her professional profile is testament to her innovative interventions in promoting organisational reflexivity and accountability in challenging professional contexts.

Additionally, Sonia is an eloquent and engaging public speaker who shares an infectious and compelling vision for the future of work built on principles of inclusivity, representation and belonging.

I thoroughly recommend any organisation seeking fresh, incisive analysis on inclusive organisational development and growth to make use of Sonia’s expertise. “